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Tina Weisinger specializes in executive business development for project that appeal to specific capital investors. She is the liaison between Global, Regional and Local projects on three Continents, bringing marketing opportunities in specific industries targeted to capital/ investor interest.

Ms. Weisinger has a bachelor degree in dramatic arts, is an accredited actress and is a member of the Screen Actors Guild

When Tina Weisinger founded Dream Entertainment Management she did so with one simple thought in mind.

You’re never too young to dream and you’re never too old to make your dream a reality.

Many of us grow up with a dream of being a star, it may be prints, television or the silver screen, but we want to be seen.

Weisinger has carefully selected some of the best talent available to represent, manage and to make the dream come true.

Her unique ability to tap existing relationships and combine them with new contact gives Ms. Weisinger a knack for bringing the right project and the right talent together for success.

Weisinger brings experience, industry contacts and global networking capabilities.

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