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The I Dream 4 All Foundation is a non profit organization which mission is to support children, young people and families in need by providing opportunities to scholarships, community services and training in the field of entertainment and other areas of support to uplift the human race. 


We are a  (DBA) non-profit under the direction of The Summer House Foundation. We have fundraising events throughout the year to honor our mission and bless children and families in need across the globe. 

Since iDream4All inception in 2014, our staff has traveled throughout the world, especially in Africa, promoting our mission and giving back from the donations and support we receive.  We have blessed kids and families with food, clothes, shoes, toiletries, scholarships and motivational tools for success.


In 2016, I had the honor of giving back to the community in Chicago where I was raised. The feeling of going back home to do something positive and to honor my mentor Mr. James Major Adams was indescribable.  My community welcomed me with open arms and all of a sudden the kid that dared to dream outside my bedroom window felt alive and elated to be back home. The people that influence you as a child really do shape your life goals outside of your family. This is why I feel each of us has a duty as role models whether we accept that challenge or not. Where my beginnings began is important that the kids in my old neighborhood see me come back and I hope many others that became bigger than we DREAMED do the same. This is the way we pass on to a new generation growth, prosperity and potential. 

The HAPAWards event is one of the tools we use to give back. This particular event helps us raise money to support the foundation is close to my heart because, while we honor individuals that have done extraordinary things in their life, it’s  important for the children in communities like where I was raised see themselves in the success of others, especially those that come from humble beginnings like me to know that success is attainable.

On behalf of the I Dream 4 All Foundation, we invite you to join in to assist us in any capacity you deem fit. Thank you for your consideration and support.  We look forward to seeing you at an I Dream 4 All event to help us keep our mission alive! 


Please donate.


Thank you,

Tina Weisinger

Executive Director

I Dream 4 All

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